The Online Moderators course is divided in four modules, whose main objectives are:

  • To learn to effectively how to run an eTwinning group or a Learning Event
  • To develop skills as an online tutor
  • To learn how to set up and implement a variety of online tasks
  • To reflect on the skills needed for working effectively online (moderating skills, climate setting, support, etc.)

In this section you'll find:

Course Overview and Timeline

Participants handbooks

Support and Helpdesk Forum

This module is devoted to gaining an overview of the types of online activities are available in eTwinning and how they operate. The aim is to 

  • Identify a clear vision of the eTwinning Community activities
  • understand the concepts behind the eTwinning Learning Events and eTwinning online seminars

Part 1

  • Access and climate setting - Help get new users started
  • Techniques to support users who need more help
  • Netiquette rules

Part 2

  • Creating engaging content
  • How to set up and implement a variety of online task types
  • How to encourage users to contribute with content
  • Run successful e-meetings

Supportive technology for online interaction

Collaborate with others using eTwinning tools